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Dr. Steven C. Saro- Dracut, MA

“I have been a practicing chiropractor since 1988. Through the course of my career, I have suffered many of the same anxieties common to all chiropractors. I have wondered whether my notes were adequate, and could they undergo scrutiny. In November of 2010 I discovered E-Z NOTES. This EHR system is user-friendly, allows you to do high volume, and exceeds all standards put forth by third-party carriers. In fact, our records have been reviewed by both Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Our E-Z Notes system passed with flying colors. E-Z Notes continues to evolve and keep pace with an ever-changing and demanding healthcare system. My notes receive praise from our medical colleagues and the law offices we do business with. I am proud to send out our records using this system. E-Z Notes is relatively inexpensive compared with other EHR systems. I sleep better having this system. I strongly recommend you consider purchasing the excellent EHR system.”

Dr. Steven C. Saro- Dracut, MAD.C. -Legislative Chairman (Past President) Massachusetts Chiropractic Societyhttps://sarochiropractic.com/
Dr. Kevin M. Wong, Orinda, CA

“I have been an EZ Notes customer since early 2010. Over this time, it’s been a pleasure using the software and getting to know Dr. Silbert and Dr. Manktelow. You own your copy of EZ Notes so there are no expensive monthly subscription fees to deal with. The yearly tech support is a nominal fee and it gives you access to software updates every two weeks and help whenever you need it. On alternating weeks, Dr. Silbert has informative emails called “News to Use” teaching and reviewing information on different aspects of the software. Ultimately, EZ notes helps increase your knowledge about the program. What I appreciate is being able to call if I have questions and getting a live person in a timely man­ner. Recently, we did a conversion to a new server computer and both Dr. Silbert and Dr. Manktelow were available to help us within a week’s notice. In a world where Chiropractors are bombarded with EHR programs making all sorts of promises, it’s refreshing to have an option that delivers a great product for a reasonable price and with plenty of help if you need it. Thank you EZ Notes for being an integral part of my practice for the last 12 years and hopefully many more to come.”

Dr. Kevin M. Wong, Orinda, CAB.S. D.C.- Orinda Chiropractichttps://www.orindachiropractic.com/
Dr. Michael Stone- Tucson, AZ

“I know there are a lot of Chiropractic documentation programs out there.  I want to encourage anyone looking for a great program that makes getting your notes completed accurately and very quickly to put E-Z Notes on your list of programs to review.  It has proven to be versatile and straightforward for me.  I actually look forward to getting my notes done accurately and rapidly!  Dr. Silbert has always been right there to walk me through any challenges easily with an air of education.  I especially look forward to the Friday updates with the email newsletter helping to understand how to get more out of your program.  Always a handful or two of witty quips that will leave you with a smile to start the weekend.  Also, a survey of up-to-date health care issues reported in the news that I may not have time to research and discover.  This program will help elevate the profession with its ability to help you get a great note quickly.”

Dr. Michael Stone- Tucson, AZD.C., DABCIhttps://www.tanqueverdechiropractic.com/us/
Dr. Brad Osgood- Petaluma, CA

“I am so dependent on EZ Notes that the thought of a crowd of patients coming in the office and me not being able to see the chart notes and make changes in real-time practically gives me a stroke!.   What I love about EZ Notes is the simplicity of managing the database, backing up and restoring, and the self-edits and custom­izations built in. It is a great do-it-yourself program and I hope it continues to have updates and goes on for many years to come! Thanks for a great product and for the timely email responses and tech help.”

Dr. Brad Osgood- Petaluma, CAD.C.- Osgood Chiropractichttps://www.osgood-chiropractic.com/
Dr. Robert J Indelicato- Bradenton, FL

“I have been a loyal EZ notes customer for over 10 years. I am not computer savvy, so when it came to selecting an HER system I did my research. I found EZ Notes to be exactly what its name says: EZ. I was surprised by how quickly I was able to implement it into my practice. And getting support from the people that built the system is priceless. We have made many changes over the years and Dr. Mike and Dr. Russ have always been there to customize our system to our needs. You will not ­get a better system and the cost is extremely reasonable. I highly recommend EZ Notes for your practice.”

Dr. Robert J Indelicato- Bradenton, FLD.C.- Owner & Practicing Chiropractor at Indelicato Family Chiropractichttps://www.indelicatofamilychiro.com/
Dr. Chris Thompson- Weaverville, NC

“I have been a E-Z Notes user since 2019 and I love the program. What I love most is that I can write the programmer, Dr. Russ (who is also a chiropractor) and make suggestions to improve the software and many times he includes them. Tech support is always there to answer the phone. I can write paragraphs in my notes, or I can use the pre-programed responses and I get to modify anything at the end before saving. It is super flexible in what you can do, it is up to you.”

Dr. Chris Thompson- Weaverville, NCD.C. - Weaverville Chiropractichttps://weavervillechiropractor.com/
Dr. Lou Mizraji- Montclair N.J.

“I’ve been a high-volume Chiropractic practitioner since 1987. As all chiropractors know, it’s very difficult to adjust patients and have excellent documentation. E-Z Notes has made it possible to correct that problem.

“E-Z-NOTES” as advertised is an easy customized chiropractic software.

First of all, I appreciate being able to call a “live person”, Dr. Silbert or Dr. Manktelow and ask them questions or give them any new suggestions on how to make the software easier and faster.

Secondly, in the past years, our records have been reviewed by multiple Insurance companies and have NEVER been questioned or rejected. My wife and I, highly recommend using E-Z Notes as an electronic health record chiropractic software. Yours for Health”

Dr. Lou Mizraji- Montclair N.J.D.C.- Family Chiropractors of Montclairhttps://www.familychiropractorsofmontclair.com/
Dr. Christy Darin- Granite City, IL

“I have been using E-Z Notes since 2013.  It is extremely user-friendly and Dr. Silbert is awesome on the support and training end.  Dr. Russ is so proficient when it comes to upgrades,  and keeping the program running smoothly.  We use another software for our daily practice management since E-Z Notes did not offer these services at the time.  The software that we use offers a SOAP Note portion, but it is not user-friendly or real-time when you have a busy practice.  For these reasons, I have maintained E-Z Notes as our daily SOAP Notes program and remain very happy with that choice after all this time!  I highly recommend E-Z Notes for all of your practice management needs.”

Dr. Christy Darin- Granite City, IL D.C.- Regenitive Health Chiropractichttps://www.regenerativehealthandchiro.com/
Dr. Thomas Fullerton- Kalispell, Montana

“I have been a user of EZ Notes for close to 10 years now.  I wouldn’t have any other program for records software at this point.  It is like the name implies; it is easy and it works seamlessly with my billing software. Dr Mike is almost always right there when I need a question answered.  the software is improved and updated every  2 weeks and if I see something that would make life easier for me and other users, I suggest it and it usually gets implemented.   You can create your notes as basic or as detailed as you like, especially with PI and Worker’s Comp cases.  I highly recommend the program to anyone whether you are just starting out or have been in practice for a while.”

Dr. Thomas Fullerton- Kalispell, MontanaD.C.- PCH Chiropracticwww.healthcare4ppl.com/physician/montana/kalispell/thomas-p-fullerton-1104997071.html
Dr. Harvey Garcia- Anderson, SC

“My chiropractic office chose EZ Notes as our documentation program in 2011 after reviewing many other documentation programs offered.  I found that the other programs were expensive, complicated, and difficult to use.  EZ notes has proven over time that I made the right choice.  The software program is user-friendly, easy to learn, affordable, and very intuitive for the world of chiropractic. I love that after my initial program investment, I do not have to pay expensive monthly subscription fees.  The only yearly fee that is paid is for tech support, which is top-notch.  This gives you access to immediate help and software updates every two weeks.  It also gives access to a very informative newsletter.  Dr. Silbert is always available to help me or my staff navigate through any issues that may arise and he does it in such a professional and pleasant manner.  I truly appreciate being able to reach a live person when I call for assistance in a timely manner.  Dr. Silbert and Dr. Manktelow are also always willing to expand EZ notes to fit our specific office needs.  If you are looking for a great product at a reasonable cost, this program should be at the top of your list.”

Dr. Harvey Garcia- Anderson, SC D.C. - Garcia Chiropractic Health & Spinehttps://garciahealth.com/doctor-harvey-garcia/
Dr. Michael Wilson- Cave City, AR

“In 35 years of practice, I have seen a lot of changes in documentation requirements. Since E-Z Notes is easy to customize, I can quickly create my own phrases and sentences ahead of time and then routinely add them into the notes where appropriate with just a click. That ensures completeness and accuracy and saves me a lot of time every day. The regular updates that I receive from E-Z Notes are great because they contain alerts about changes in insurance requirements and/or chiropractic in general. After reading these alerts I sometimes edit my custom text or even create new sentences to use with just a click. My notes are always up to date with the latest requirements, and I am confident that I can survive any records audit. What is that confidence worth? In my opinion, it is absolute gold. That is why I have been an E-Z Notes doctor for 10 years.”

Dr. Michael Wilson- Cave City, ARD.C. - Wilson Chiropractichttps://wilsonchiropractic.net/
Dr. David Kritzberg- Covington, GA

“My multi doctor chiropractic clinic has been using E-Z Notes (EZN) for our EHR since 2011, with much success. The user interface is simple, easy to learn and very intuitive. Before choosing EZN, we looked at several other programs but found them to be too cumbersome and over complicated. I currently maintain a storage unit filled with files containing handwritten soap and treatment notes. That all ended the day we converted to electronic notes. All of our files are backed up locally and in the cloud which gives us peace of mind, if there were ever a catastrophic event that would have destroyed paper files. Now, with a few clicks we would be up and running. Any paper that is generated during the intake process is scanned into the patient’s file and then shredded. Customer service is top notch and always responsive. Having had requests for complete records by various entities, the stress of producing the patient’s file is literally a click away. We highly recommend using E-Z Notes as an EHR solution.”

Dr. David Kritzberg- Covington, GAD.C. - Back to Health Chiropractichttps://chirocovington.com/about-us/
Dr. Alan Cappellini- Uniontown, PA

“I have been using E-Z Notes since July of 2019. A large part of my practice is personal injury. I discovered that I could dictate detailed portions of my notes using Dragon Natu-rally Speaking with lightning speed, and the attorneys are more than satisfied. I don’t need to reach technical support often, but when I do, I get a response within minutes. This software definitely makes the documentation portion of my job easier!”

Dr. Alan Cappellini- Uniontown, PADChttps://www.topnpi.com/pa1588626543/dr-alan-cappellini
Carmen O Gonzalez- Kissimmee, FL

“I am the office manager of a personal injury facility in Florida with three locations that have used E-Z Notes since 2010. The attorneys are very satisfied with our documentation. The E-Z Notes IT support is great, Dr. Silbert is a phone call away and has trained our chiropractors to be proficient with the program. I highly recommend it! – Carmen O Gonzalez, Office Manager Florida Medical Injury Center.”

Carmen O Gonzalez- Kissimmee, FLOffice Manager, Florida Medical Injury Center https://www.my-fmic.com/
Dr. Vanda Cecco - Greer S.C.

I have been thrilled with the E-Z Notes system since 2013.  Dr. Silbert responds immediately to any questions I have. I especially appreciate Dr. Silbert customizing several features of the program to meet my specific needs.

Dr. Vanda Cecco - Greer S.C. D.C. - A Better Way Chiropractichttps://www.drcecco.com/