EZnotes™ Classic

EZnotes™ Classic is the original version of our documentation software, designed by Chiropractors for Chiropractors, that do not have a large Medicare practice. It is perfect for cash practices.  


EZNotes Classic Software Pricing

-Classic Patient Documentation Software:

$2250.00 one-time fee or $275 a month for 8 months.
(+$50 finance fee)


Classic Software Features

Start Screen

Chiropractic Software

Software Screenshots

  • Select Doctor from List

  • New Patient

  • Regular Visit

  • X Ray Report

  • X Ray Positioning

  • X Ray Lines

  • Treatment Plan

  • Examination

  • Nutrition

  • Standard Documents

  • Exercises

  • Edit Custom Text

  • Narrative Report

  • Edit Patient Info

  • Office Information

“Select Doctor from List” – EZnotes™ allows each doctor to maintain their own custom profile and patient database.

“New Patient” – Click here to start a new patient file. EZnotes™ will prompt you with simple questions to help you build a complete patient record.

“SOAP Note” – Click here if the patient is returning for a regular visit. EZnotes™ will prompt you with easy questions to create an accurate soap note, while informing you what they said on their last visit. Within seconds, you’re ready to go!

“XRay Report” – EZnotes™ will guide you through our simple survey that will generate the patient’s XRay Report automatically for you.

“XRay Positioning” – Click here and EZnotes™ will provide easy-to-understand guidelines on how to properly position the patient for Xrays. Follow-along photos show you exactly how to take any view. This is particularly useful for the ones that you don’t frequently take.

“XRay Lines” – EZnotes™ not only helps you with Xray positioning, but EZnotes™ also provides a how to guide for mensuration and explains what the lines mean.

“Treatment Plan” – Touching here lets EZnotes™ take you through simple forms that will automatically build and generate your patient’s Treatment Plan in a complete and accurate narrative. EZnotes™ will also automatically generate your CPT codes and ICD codes which go with each modality.

“Examination” – EZnotes™’ Examination function allows chiropractors to identify all of the orthopedic regional tests and records the result of each test performed. Simple, easy-to-understand photos remind the doctor of exactly how each test is performed.

“Nutrition” – Touch here and EZnotes™ will provide nutritional background information on all major nutrients. In fact, EZnotes™ provides the entire reference book: “Instant Access to Chiropractic Protocols and Guidelines”- with virtually instantaneous access to this valuable reference tool.

“Standard Documents” – Just about every major standard document you could ever need is available at your stylus. With EZnotes™, you can generate and customize documents automatically which almost eliminates the need for a CA.

“Exercises” – To help provide and customize recommended exercise routines to your patients, EZnotes™ has one-touch access to over 200 therapeutic exercises for each patient with the touch of a button. You can also easily bill for these exercises, even if you only print out and briefly explain the patient’s homecare program (using the modifier-52).

“Edit Custom Text” – Add your own notes and special custom text to patient documents.

“Narrative Report” – Touch here to automatically create (and print) a complete narrative report of your patient’s file containing information from their first visit through their last. Easily prepare reports for Insurance companies or Attorneys – or prepare complete patient files for new doctors (or while you’re on vacation). It’s all made easy byEZnotes™.

“Edit Patient Info” – If a patient changes their name (as with marriage), or if you misspell their names, or even if they change their sex, you can quickly update their file with their new information by usingEZnotes™’ simple patient info editing capability.

“Office Information” – Change your own office information (address, phones, etc.) with one simple easy adjustment. Change it once and all subsequent documents, letters, etc. will automatically be updated with your new office information click and find painter dublin near me. EZnotes™ makes it that easy.

Want To See EZnotes Software In Action?

EZNotes Classic Chiropractic Software – Classic