Order EZNotes Software

You Receive:

1. The latest version of the EZnotes™ Classic software or Billing software.  (hardware is not included)

2. Six months of unlimited training & tech support, and automatic update every 2 weeks  (past updates)

3. Sixty day money back guarantee

EZNotes Software Pricing


-Classic Patient Documentation Software:
$2250.00 one-time fee or $275 a month for 8 months.
(+$50 finance fee)

-Billing Software:

$1250.00 one-time fee or $65 a month. 
(+$350 a year maintenance fee).

If you are in a multi-doctor practice, please call to ask about our volume discount.

Ready To Order?

Contact Michael Silbert D.C. directly at (312) 212-1602 or at drmsilbert@eznotesinc.com.

EZNotes Inc. Software comes with a 30 Day Risk Free Trial..

Dr. Silbert is available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Cst.