EZnotes is the most easy-to-use patient documentation & billing system available.

Chiropractic SOAP Notes

Designed by Chiropractors, EZnotes™ Chiropractor Patient Documentation & Billing Software has all of the features you need to make your job easier!  Even if you are not computer savvy, you’ll find our program very user friendly.  EZnotes™ automatically prompts you with simple questions. Just follow along, ask the patient the questions, and touch the screen with their answer. It’s that easy, and the patients will love it too.

EZNotes Provides You Real Assistance –
More than just a documentation system, EZnotes™ provides important assistance to Chiropractors to ensure that all proper tests and procedures are followed, and documented, for each patient. EZnotes™ provides easy-to-use instructions with step-by-step photos showing exactly how to perform each orthopedic examination that you may have forgotten since school (we all do). Need nutritional information on a specific vitamin? No problem, with EZnotes™, you touch the “Nutrition” button for instant access to information about nutritional supplements.

Complete Documentation –
Each note taken in EZnotes™ has the date, doctor’s name, your NPI number and state licence number, office address, office website, and phone number. You’ll be better-prepared for the patient’s next visit because EZnotes™ maintains the patient information all with the simple touch of the screen! NEW:  Billing Software seamlessly integrates with EZNotes Classic version.

EZnotes™ Features

Helps You Create the 6 Most Common Documents:

1. New Patient Consultations

2. Exams (Orthopedic and Neurological)

3. X-ray Reports

4. Treatment Plans

5. SOAP Note

6. Narrative Reports

EZnotes™ is not only easy to use, it’s completely customizable to fit the way you practice.

EZnotes™ is not only easy to use,
it’s completely customizable to fit the way you practice.

EZNotes provides the best documentation for: 

    • Insurance Adjusters (Reviewers)
    • Patients
    • Other Doctors
    • Associate Doctors
    • Vacation Doctors
    • Referring Physicians (A great marketing tool)
    • Independent Medical Examiners
    • Attorney

With EZnotes™, its almost like your clinician from Chiropractic school is standing over your shoulder helping with your notes.  Your practice will become easier and your stress will be less.  It’s built by Chiropractors who provide a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.