EZnotes™ Certified

EZnotes™ Certified is our latest version of our documentation software, designed by Chiropractors for Chiropractors, that have a large Medicare practice. It is not necessary for cash practices.  If you don’t have a large Medicare practice, take a look at our Classic Version. 


EZNotes Certified Software Pricing

-Classic Patient Documentation Software:
$3400.00 one-time fee
Additional D.C’s: $1700.00 Each

3 Reasons To Get Certified:

  1. The Federal government has made it mandatory that all healthcare providers use a specific format (Certified Version) and those offices who do not comply will receive a penalty of 1% in 2015, 2% in 2016, and 3% in 2017 of their total yearly Medicare amount collected.
  2. There is a possibility that in the near future offices that have not undergone the Certification process will not be allowed to submit their claims to Medicare and possibly other third party carriers.
  3. If you successfully go through the Attestation process, the federal government is paying an inducement in 2015 and 2016 which will probably be enough find more here (depending on your yearly Medicare totals) to cover the cost of the E-Z Notes software.

For more information on the Medicare Certification Program, click here

Home Screen

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Tech Support: (855) 712.0116

Certified Software Screenshots

  • Patient Demographics

  • Information Screen

  • Automated Measures Calculator

  • Vitals

  • Clinical Quality Measures

  • Medication & Allergy Lists

EZNotes Chiropractic Software – Certified